First Athens World Poetry Festival

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First Athens World Poetry Festival

Posted: 13 Sep 2013 02:55 AM PDT

The first Athens World Poetry Festival will run from September 23 to 29 in several venues throughout Athens. The Poets Circle, an initiative undertaken two years ago, is organizing an international poetry festival, “highlighting a common field of sensitivity in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.” Sixty-nine internationally renowned poets from 22 countries will participate in a festival that maintains that poetry is needed in lean times.

In fact, it reminds us that “exceptional poetry was written during difficult and small-minded times. It was during wartime that Seferis wrote the Last Station and Engonopoulos wrote Bolivar. Greece is a major stakeholder in this field, with claims to the significance and extroversion the country needs and deserves.

Geographically compact, but with a vast historical depth, Greece has been and remains a land of poets. On Homer’s sand shores during the day and in Homer’s shadow at night, Greeks continue to create.”